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Monday, May 20, 2013

2 Ways Solar Will Save You Even More Money in the Summer

solar roof
Installing a solar electric system on your roof can save you alot of money.  Most people understand the basics-  It produces electricity, and it reduces your electric bill. 

Since there is more sunlight in the summer, your solar panels will produce more electricity than in winter months.  But there are other ways solar can save you even more money just by installing solar panels on your rooftop.

For starters, the solar panels mounted on your roof act as a buffer between direct sunlight and your rooftop.  And if the panels are raised slightly from the roof surface (typical installation), wind can flow between your roof and the panels to cool it even more. This helps keep solar radiation from heating up your home in the summer months which makes cooling your home more efficient, thus saving you money.

However, the panels only offer some protection from the sun, and chances are, you're still running an electricity hogging air conditioner to cool your house down.  And that's where solar panels offer your the most savings.

Imagine it's mid-July, around 3 in the afternoon.  You (along with everyone else in your area) have the air conditioner cranking cold arctic air into your house.  The electricity you're using during these super hot hours of the day is called Peak-hour electricity. 

It's when there's a dramatic increase in electricity usage on the power grid, and the Electric company has to supply more electricity than usual to keep up with demands.  During peak-hours, your electricity rates increase to help pay for the added supply of electricity from the power company.

It's during these peak hours of the afternoon that your solar system is also producing the most electricity which will to keep your peak demand at it's lowest.  When you can reduce your peak-hour demand, you're reducing the most expensive part of your electric bill. 


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