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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Creative ways to re-purpose a used cd spindle

Going green isn't just about using clean energy alternatives like solar and wind.  Its also about reducing, reusing, re-purposing, and recycling the waste we generate in our lives. 

Below, I've posted a few creative ways to re-purpose those unused cd spindles you may have lying around.

#1.  Grow a plant

grow a plant

This is a cool idea for starting plants for the garden, or just to have around the home or office. 
Courtesy Life hacker

#2.  Make a lamp

Add a warm glow to your decor with this great lamp idea. 

#3.  A bird feeder

Now you can improve the environment 2 ways instead of 1.  Reusing the spindle and feeding wild birds.

#4.  Hamburger Patty Press

I'm not sure about the size of the patty, but it sure is a great way to press out larger quantities of burgers in a short time.  Would be great for large barbecues or family functions. 

#5.  Yarn and wire storage

This is actually one of the more useful ones I've seen.  Its a very good way to organize yarn or wiring for hobbyists and electricians alike. 
Courtesy: Pinterest

#6.  Tissue dispenser

In a word:  Crafty.  Though I'm not sure how well this would work in the bathroom, it's a great idea for those who wouldn't mind using toilet paper instead of tissues for those stuffy noses. 
Courtesy: Diygadgets

We're always so quick to throw out everything we no longer need.  If we put enough thought into it, a lot of our everyday trash can be re-purposed into other useful items.  It's just another step one must take to help reduce our carbon footprints on this planet.


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