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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Solar - Start small but dream big?

solar costs
While stumbling around the web today, a thought occurred to me.  Many people choose to ignore adding solar energy systems to their house because of the large up front costs.  But then, I had an idea, and it's been right there all along.
The initial costs of installing solar could be greatly reduced if you buy a smaller system than you need, and slowly expand it in time.  It's sort of like buying an expensive video game console with just a couple games, and slowly adding to your video game collection later.   If you think about it, nobody buys the video game console AND every game they're going to want all at the same time.  The same can be true with buying solar. 

Its the initial cost of solar that's overwhelming because you have to buy every part of the system before you can get it up and running.  It usually breaks down to costing 50% for the panels themselves, and then 50% for the rest of the equipment.

But solar systems today are designed with options to easily expand by simply adding a solar panel or 2 as your able to.  As long as your charge controller and inverter are large enough to handle it, you could simply buy a solar panel or 2 every year until you are producing the power you need.

So if your goal is to have a 5KW system, you don't necessarily need to buy 5KW worth of solar panels at first.  As long as your inverter and charge controller can handle the 5KW, you could simply buy a few solar panels during the initial installation and add extra panels whenever your budget allows.

And you never know...  Those $250 solar panels that you put on your house today might be $150 in a few months.  So your upgrade would be even cheaper towards the total cost of the system making a quicker return of investment (ROI).

See?  You really CAN afford a solar electric system after all...  What are you waiting for?

Remember -  solar isn't just for the wealthy anymore,
and you're already paying for electricity anyways


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