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Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Electric Co. will help you lower your monthly bill

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Conserving energy is a problem most American households deal with.  The electric companies also suffer from it.  Across the nation, power grids struggle to keep up with demand on a daily basis.  In times of harsh weather, the grid suffers even more.

To help curve the high demands, more and more electric companies are offering incentives to lower household electrical demands.  Most people already know about alternative energy rebates for solar and wind production, but it doesn't stop there.  Did you know you probably qualify for rebates on light bulbs, kitchen appliances, and nearly every electrical appliance you buy for your home?  Neither did I.

I checked the website of my local utility company and noticed I qualified for several purchase I had made recently but would have never known about the rebates had I not visited their website.  There's a rebate for pretty much every energy-star appliance I can buy, one of which comes from one of my recent purchases.

Summer is coming up and my old air conditioning unit just wasn't up to speed last year.  So I bought a Keystone 5200 BTU window air conditioner for about $160 shipped off of Amazon.  Not only will my utility company pay me a $25 rebate for buying this air conditioner, they'll give me an additional $25 recycling bonus if I let them come take my old old one. 

So now, I've paid $110 for an air conditioner that will work better than my old unit, but it will also run cheaper as it is much more efficient than the old one.

I recommend visiting your Electric company's website to look for any rebates they offer if you have recently upgraded any major appliance to a more energy efficient model or are looking to in the near future.  I'm sure it will be worth your time.  It was for me.


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