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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Free Solar Panel and Wind Turbine Giveaway

Missouri Wind and Solar's 5 givewaway contestUPDATE 2/19/14 -  This contest is now over and the winners have been chosen.  To view the winners, please go here.  Stay tuned for the 6th giveaway starting in March 2014.
Jeff from Missouri Wind and Solar is having his 5th solar panel and wind turbine giveaway this month.  This time there will be 4 lucky winners.  This could be a great opportunity for anyone wishing to start or even expand their home renewable energy system.

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The 4 prizes given away are as follows:
  • 100 Watt 12 volt Solar panel from Synergy Solar. ($139 value) 
  • 300 Watt 24 volt Oulu Wind Turbine with Oulu charge controller ($500 value)
  • 300 Watt 24 volt Oulu Ferling Tail Wind Turbine with Oulu charge controller ($600 value)
  • 200 Watt 24 volt Oulu Wind Turbine with Oulu charge controller ($300 value)
To enter the giveaway, you are asked to do 3 things. You must subscribe to his channel, favorite the contest video, and leave up to 4 comments (each comment is an entry). Jeff asks that your comments be unique, and contain the words Wind Turbine and/or Solar panel.

The contest started January 18, 2014 and will run until February 18, 2014. Winners will be notified within 24 hours.  The prizes will be shipped for free by Missouri Wind and Solar to anywhere in the world via DHL.  As a requirement, winners are asked to post a video on Youtube showing that they received their solar panel or wind turbine from Missouri Wind and Solar.

I've already made my 4 entries into the contest in hopes of winning one of these wind turbines or even the solar panel.  The wind here in Iowa has been blasting about 20-30 mph for over a week and I can only imagine the power these wind turbines would be giving me right now.  Head on over to Missouri Wind and Solar's video contest and post your entries.  And be sure to tell Jeff that Keith from Green Iowa Energy sent you!


Missouri Wind and Solar Giveaway


  1. I've been entering Jeff's contests since his 2nd one. I keep hoping one day I'll win. I'd love to have a wind turbine setup in my back yard. I get jealous of all the people who win these. lol.

    1. Ya, i'd love to win one as well. I wasn't aware of Missouri Wind and Solar until his last giveaway. I'm glad I found it on youtube. Winning a wind turbine would be great as I mentioned in the post we have had almost 2 weeks of solid windy days here in Iowa. We have alot of wind farms here in the state, and they are producing a great deal of renewable electricity. The closest wind farm is about 40 miles from me but can be seen from where I live. When I drive to work I can see the blades just spinning with joy.

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